[Toolkit] Everything You Need to Get Your Data Budget Approved Faster

Download our complete guide plus free email and business case templates to speed internal buy-in on your data budget request.

[Guide] Proven Steps and Tips for Securing Budget Buy-In

Your hotel needs data to maximize revenue and profitability in 2024. Sales intelligence tools provide easy access to actionable data, but new tools come with an investment. This guide provides strategies and tools to help you demonstrate the value of your budget proposal. 

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[Template] Emails to Advance the Conversation

Leverage the power of email templates designed to introduce Knowland and capture the attention of key decision-makers and influential stakeholders.

[Template] Business Case Presentation to Justify Your Request

Transform this pre-filled PowerPoint template into a tailor-made masterpiece, designed specifically to propose the seamless integration of the Knowland Platform into your budget.

Download Your Toolkit for Fast and Easy Budget Approval