Covid-19 Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow
On-Demand Webinar

Covid-19 - Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow

During this unprecedented time for the hospitality industry, it's important to remember, things will get better. It will take time to return to normal, but the industry will rebound. The steps you take today will prepare for capturing emerging business when the recovery occurs.

Hospitality veteran and Knowland VP of Product, Kristi White leads this special edition COVID-19 response webcast and shares strategies you can implement today to position yourself for success in the eventual rebound.

Here are a few actions to consider taking today:

  • Pivot your sales team from cancellations to new business development. Don’t sacrifice the long term for short-term savings – maintain your sales team to preserve revenue in the long term.
  • Think strategically, act locally. Be prepared to deploy your sales team to work the small, local opportunities that will come back first.
  • Develop relationships. As you make calls, don’t ask for the business, but rather ask how you can help; focus on building a partnership with local and regional planners.
  • Work with your sister hotels. Offer virtual meetings where small groups can meet locally while collaborating safely with their counterparts in other cities

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