Gearing Up How to Ramp Up Your Sakes Team for the Road Ahead
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Gearing Up: How to Ramp Up Your Sales Team for the Road Ahead.

Bring it On Webinar Series: Part 3
Gearing up for the Road Ahead  

Join Knowland's Vice President of Product Management, Kristi White, and special guests in real conversations on the re-calibration of the industry and potential new strategies for hoteliers as we move through one of the greatest business disruptions in history.

Part 3: How to Ramp Up Your Sales Team for the Road Ahead

Guest: Doug Kennedy, President, Kennedy Training Network

Learn where you need to focus your sales teams to realign with today’s market and succeed in building new business and account relationships to grow revenue and profitability in today’s uncertain times.

  • Assessing your sales team's readiness for the recovery transition
  • Turning “order takers” into “sales hunters”
  • The most important skills and tools for 2020/21