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Reimagining the Sales Functions: Cultivating a Culture of Selling

As the hospitality industry recovers, it’s more critical than ever to have a proactive sales approach to recapture business. Even with limited resources, you can’t leave sales to chance. Join us as in a conversation with author and industry influencer Tammy Gillis, CEO and Founder of Gillis Consulting and Training, as she tells us why it’s so important to make time to sell and how to prepare your team for the way forward:

  • Is your team selling like it’s 1990?
  • Strategy before tactics
  • Why Sales isn’t limited to salespeople
  • Knowing what good looks like

Learn the secret to cultivating a culture of selling and what it means to your business in 2021!

Whether you’re a hotel owner, director of sales, or a general manager, Tammy Gillis' Room to Grow is a modern-day sales blueprint that will help you develop and execute a sales strategy that drives results for your hotel, your staff, and your customers now – and into the future. Learn more about Room To Grow.