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Delayed Recovery Curve: Getting Back on Track

Hoteliers are weeding through over-information to determine how to take their hotels forward. This multi-part series will allow hotels to learn the next steps to getting back to business. What a hotel does next depends on where you are in recovery. The Knowland Recovery Curve allows hotels to determine if their position is leading, on track or delayed. Join us on a journey to faster business recovery.

This session is only for hotels who receive a Delayed Curve status from the Knowland Hotel Recovery Dashboard. If you are not sure what your recovery curve is, please visit the Knowland Hotel Recovery Dashboard.  

Delayed Recovery Curve: Getting Back on Track  

For Hotels pacing behind the market in recovery from the COVID-19 disruption. Learn how to use the Knowland Recovery Curve and identify your next steps forward.

  • Immediate remedial actions to stabilize your performance
  • Understand your local market as the foundation of recovery
  • Get a detailed 30-60-90 day plan

Knowland’s VP of Product Kristi White walks attendees through the Knowland Hotel Recovery Dashboard and how to use your Recovery Curve as a management tool.