Gearing Up for the Road Ahead How Savvy Hotels are Preparing for Tomorrow
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Gear Up for the Road Ahead: How Savvy Hotels are Preparing for Tomorrow 

Bring it On Webinar Series:
Gearing up for the Road Ahead  

Join Knowland's Vice President of Product Management, Kristi White, and special guests in real conversations on the re-calibration of the industry and potential new strategies for hoteliers as we move through one of the greatest business disruptions in history.

Part 1: How Savvy Hotels are Preparing for Tomorrow

Guest: Clifford Ferrera, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Revenue, Chesapeake Hospitality

Learn how one of the leading management companies is re-defining hotel sales, prospecting, and relationship development to grow revenue and profitability in today’s uncertain times.

  • Reimagining hotel sales teams
  • Investing in the sales process to boost profitability
  • Forecasting for the future