WEbcast Getting Back to Business
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On Track Recovery Curve: Getting Back to Growth

Hoteliers are weeding through over-information to determine how to take their hotels forward. This multi-part series will allow hotels to learn the next steps to getting back to business. What a hotel does next depends on where you are in recovery. The Knowland Recovery Curve allows hotels to determine if their position is leading, on track or delayed. Join us on a journey to faster business recovery.

This session is only for hotels who receive an On Track Curve status from the Knowland Hotel Recovery Dashboard. If you are not sure what your recovery curve is, please visit the Knowland Hotel Recovery Dashboard.  

On Track Recovery Curve: Getting Back to Growth  

For Hotels pacing in line with the market in recovery from the COVID-19 disruption. Learn how to use the Knowland Recovery Curve and begin the process of engaging customers.

  • Learn how to balance empathy and sales when engaging target prospects
  • How to build a growth plan that takes you beyond local business
  • Get a detailed 30-60-90 day plan

Knowland’s VP of Product Kristi White walks attendees through the Knowland Hotel Recovery Dashboard and how to use your Recovery Curve as a management tool.