COVID-19 Recovery Series: Managing Today’s Challenges While Preparing for Tomorrow

The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed our industry. This multi-part series will look at how things have changed and how we can move forward from both the hotelier and the meeting planner perspectives. Join us on a journey from quarantine to recovery.

Part 1: Perspectives on Taking Action Today to Stabilize and Protect Your Business [On-Demand Webcast]

  • Top 5 actions hotels should do NOW from the Hotelier perspective
  • Top 5 actions hotels should do NOW from the Meeting Planner perspective

Part 2: Perspectives on Positioning for Rebound [On-Demand Webcast]

  • Is 2020 a wash for hotels and destinations? What do you expect in 2021?
  • Will some destinations come back first? If so, which and why?
  • What can hotels do now to prepare for recovery?

Part 3: Perspectives on the Future New Normal of Events and Meetings [On-Demand Webcast]

  • Is this the decline of the mega-conference (1,000+ attendees)?
  • Does Social distancing change our format and agenda?
  • How will technology influence how we meet? A look at Live Streaming, Virtual Reality and Cluster Video

Knowland’s VP of Product Kristi White is joined by Kristin House, Senior Vice President at ConferenceDirect, and Allison Ahrens, President Hospitality Revenue Solutions LLC.